Following the achievement of Pakistan it was keenly felt that there was an urgent need for developing institutions for pioneering higher academic research, writing and compiling of text books etc., particularly in history which suffered from Orientalist and anti- Muslim slant in the pre-1947 period. Mr. Fazal ur Rahman the Federal Education Minister took the lead and on his initiative at first a Board of History was created in 1949 which next year was converted in to a regularly registered organization named Pakistan Historical Society (1950) based in Karachi.

The Pakistan Historical Society (PHS) was established to conduct research in history, collect basic source material for a specialized fully equipped library, publish books, hold conferences; seminars etc. and also publish a journal.

The Society held the first all Pakistan History Conference in 1951 at Karachi comprising all the leading historians and scholars. It was inaugurated by the Governor General, Khawaja Nazimudin. Since then PHS has organized 20 such conferences in various universities and cities of Pakistan. The 19th was held as the Golden Jubilee Session in Oct. 2001 at Karachi.

Research and publication programs also continued at the same time and so far it has published 86 books monographs, source books in English, Persian and Urdu.

Some of them are:

1. History of freedom movement (4 vols.) English

2. War of Independence 1857 English

3. Islamic Thought and Movement English

4. Administration of the Sultanate English
of Delhi

5. Wafayat al- a yan of Ibn Khalikan’s (8vols.)Improved and revised
Biographical Dictionary. English translation.

6. Tabaqat Ibn Sa d (2 vols.) English

7. Muhammad (S.A.W) Life & Times Winner of the Best book Award on
Sira in 1998.

8. Road to Pakistan (vol.1) Winner of Best book award.

9. Dhakhirat al- Khawanin (3 vol. Persian)

10. Dhakhirat al- Umara (of Keval Ram) (2 vols.) Persian.

11. Tazkirah Ulema- Hind Urdu translation
(1961&2004 New revised edition)

The Society’s journal was first published in 1953 and since then it has been coming out regularly and is regarded as one of the leading journal’s on History, particularly South Asian History. It has also completed 50 years of its publication which was marked by a special issue, the Quaid- i- Azam number (2002) which won general acclaim. Its 53rd Volume I being published this year.

However, the PHS had passed through many phases. It lacks a permanent Office or building. It also used to receive a grant up to 2003 from Federal government but there were times like past year (2004) when it received no help. At this juncture the Hamdard Foundation of Pakistan under the inspiring leadership of Hakim Muhammad Said Saheed and now under the patronage of Mrs. Sadia Rashid a worthy daughter of a worthy father provides the much needed support by housing the office and Library of the PHS at Bait al-Hikmah, providing financial help and also taking over the responsibility for publication of the journal. The last three conferences of the PHS were also fully sponsored by them and their patronage is also greatly responsible for holding the present one.
At present we are in the process of publishing besides the journal ,  The Mathnavi Mubin by emperor Babur in Turkish with Urdu ,English translation .The old Volume of Tabqat Ibn Sa‘d (Companins of Badar) in English ,Index of the journal, Proceedings of the 20th Pakistan History Conference, Special issue of the journal on the All India Muslim League and a two day Seminar in Pakistan Movement.


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